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Bringing Democracy to Elections through innovation in voting.

Vote from your phone. Anywhere. Anytime. makes open source based mobile device applications that allow citizens to vote from their phone or tablet, with the security and trust to allow Americans to vote for President.

We aim to bring accessible, secure, transparent, and verifiable elections mediated by the Internet to governments everywhere at a price point an order of magnitude less than current commercial providers.

The software that runs freedom must be free. is committed to freeing the software that underpins freedom. All of the core code is released as Open Source Software under a MySQL style license, where not for profit open source developers can use SecureVote code under the GPL, and commercial developers can purchase a license to use the SecureVote code. Because security should not rely on secrecy, all SecureVote code will be open, forever.

Built for Today.

In recent years, many jurisdictions have moved backwards to paper ballots, as proprietary touchscreen technology was not up to the task. That’s why’s technology is built to run on today’s smartphones and tablets.

Though the platform provides a complete elections solution, it can integrate seamlessly with other voting schemes and is ideal for implementing UOCAVA voting while maintaining ballot secrecy and election integrity.

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Assistive tech that lets everyone’s voice be heard.

By creating mobile apps, can take advantage of the state of the art accessibility that is built into the iOS and Android operating systems. These operating systems support assistive technologies for hearing, vision, and mobility impaired users. We provide the ultimate in accessibility as voters can use the devices with which they are already familiar, rather than having to learn a new system just to vote.

The apps enable external assistive devices as well. Braille displays, Switch controls, Sip/Puff switches, and external hearing aid devices are all supported. Leveraging the built-in capabilities of the operating system, the apps support a wide range of assistive modes to accomodate individuals with a wide range of hearing, vision, and mobility issues.

Current voting systems aimed at accessibility are custom-designed and unwieldy for voters with disabilities. uses the same smartphone technology that many people are accustomed to using in their daily lives.

Learn about assistive tech in the white paper.

A better way for Military and overseas voters to vote.

In today's world, most military and overseas voters have to give up their right to a secret ballot if they want to vote in an election.

The system allows jurisdictions to get military and overseas voters their ballots

The people who protect our freedoms should not have to give up their protections. The system can be implemented for voters covered by UOCAVA (The Uniformed And Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act) or for everyone in a jurisdiction.

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From the State House to the White House, knows governments.

The team has worked at The White House, Twitter, with Governments of the United Kingdom, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. We've helped governments and government agencies address some of their largest logistical and resourcing issues, and we've worked in the security focused world of online gaming building enormous highly secure software from the ground up.

Learn more in the white paper.

Provably secure, tamper-proof elections software.

Security is the primary focus of the elections software created by Legacy elections software providers keep their source code secret because it is not secure. How can we trust the results of a system whose inner workings are kept a secret?

The software is built on best-of-breed encryptions and security technology, such as those that underpin the Bitcoin blockchain, RSA, Threefish and SHA2. These technologies are used to encrypt communications as well as protect and authenticate voters and systems through a separate public key infrastructure, minimizing the trust required in order to secure the systems.

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